Network plan to guide current and future development

The District of Clearwater lacked a complete subdivision bylaw and with developers looking to build, they needed to establish strategies and constraints for roading development.

Opus partnered with the Interior Health Authority (IH) and the Canadian Heart and the Stroke Foundation (HSF) 'CLASP' program to develop a road network plan and framework focusing on active modes of transport - walking, cycling, accessibility – to foster a healthy built environment and healthy residents.

Opus developed the plan and framework in close collaboration with the District, Ministry of Transport, IH, and HSF to provide a smoother path for development and expansion within the community.

After developing the preferred plan and framework option, Opus worked with the District to discuss and obtain feedback with those key property owners the plan would most affect.

Following these meetings, Opus developed an innovative mobile open house platform whereby the proposed plan was interactively presented by inviting residents to walk or cycle to three stations located at meeting centres within Clearwater. This format encouraged critical thinking and open dialog and provided valuable feedback.