Culvert Inspection Program and Capital Plan

Culvert inspection program and capital spending plan for Burnaby

We developed an assessment methodology that included a culvert inspection guide and a condition rating system, as well as a system for prioritising maintenance work.

The City of Burnaby’s inventory is housed in a well-structured database. However, not all the information was complete or accurate. In addition, no system was available for quantifying the condition of culverts or prioritizing repairs.

We developed a system of prioritization based on culvert condition and importance. Culvert importance was based on the relative likelihood and consequence of failure. That enabled a risk-based strategic approach to inspecting, repairing and replacing culvert inventory. This achieves best value for money by optimizing maintenance costs with risk.

Opus DaytonKnight developed a culvert inspection form consisting of scores and comments regarding various aspects of culvert condition. Culvert assessments were conducted at 26 locations throughout Burnaby based on the developed methodology.

We extrapolated the culverts inspected as a sample set to the City’s culvert inventory as a basis for the capital plan. To calculate and prioritize funding the five-year plan considered the material, shape, size and traffic condition of each culvert and estimated the probability of each culvert falling within a given condition rating.