Engineering strategies to reduce collisions

This study covered rural and urban areas, low and high speed roads, signalized and unsignalized intersections, and various road users including cyclists and pedestrians.

In Phase 1, Opus conducted extensive research of collision reduction strategies and countermeasures. This included an international literature review and consultation with road agencies in Alberta.

Opus' research uncovered over 1,000 study references of over 200 specific counter measures. Seventy-seven of these were identified as proven in the prevention of severe collisions and selected for detailed evaluation.

This included a human factors review and an assessment of applicability in the Alberta environment. We selected 33 countermeasures as highly effective and recommended them for Alberta's 20-year collision reduction program.

In Phase 2, we conducted a survey of road agencies in Alberta. This was to determine the availability of guidance for the application of the shortlisted measures.

Through this we identified eight measures for the development of further, more detailed guidance. We also prepared summaries of current leading practices for the other 25 highly effective measures.

We supplied a user guide with the application guidelines to encourage the more widespread and systematic use of these counter measures. The effective application and implementation of this guide has the potential to significantly reduce fatalities and major injuries in Alberta.