Options for Municipal Stormwater Management Governance

Options for managing and treating stormwater

Our report provided a toolbox to help municipalities around Vancouver to develop bylaws, policies and regulations tailored to their unique concerns, needs, means and priorities.

We started by getting jurisdictions across Canada and the United States at the municipal, regional, provincial (state) and federal levels to provide sample bylaws and regulations. The sample bylaws and regulations included in the document were classified according to function or intended purpose as well as suitability for new developments, previously developed areas, areas undergoing redevelopment, or for all three.

Next to each option we also detailed the liability that may arise from the operation or implementation phase of a bylaw or policy, along with the associated costs and benefits.

Opus DaytonKnight and its team of specialty sub-consultants worked closely with the Stormwater Management Technical Advisory Task Group. This group comprised municipal, GVRD (Greater Vancouver Regional District), senior government staff and independent members. We used workshops and presentations to keep the task group informed of the direction of the study and the organization of the report.