Evaluating road access to key freight facilities

Opus integrated local and global transportation networks to identify transportation improvements to facilitate international trade.

The Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative was launched to more effectively link North America and Asia. It aimed to improve Canada's competitive position in international commerce and to maximize Canadian trade potential with Asia.

Transport Canada commissioned Opus in association with Montufar and Associates to conduct a Prairie Gateway Facilities Study. Its main purpose was to evaluate local road accesses to key international freight facilities located in the Prairie Provinces with a focus on the major trade centres of Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, and Brandon. This included distribution facilities, transload facilities, rail terminals and air terminals that support the movement of international trade.

This study determined how the local road networks that serve these facilities can be made more efficient by pinpointing bottlenecks and identifying potential solutions that will facilitate the efficient movement of international trade.