Transportation demand management plan addresses growth

With increasing enrolments and as an important transportation hub, the university needed a plan to cope with growing traffic volumes, while focused on sustainability.

The University of Saskatchewan has increasing enrollment and is also an important transportation hub within Saskatoon. This has resulted in demand for the existing road network and parking spaces in the local area. The University is making efforts to reduce its carbon footprint with sustainable transportation initiatives, and requires a strategy to manage its future parking, traffic, and safety issues.

Opus developed a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) plan to evaluate the current travel patterns and to develop potential feasible policies. Continuous liaising with various stakeholders was suggested to ensure that all parties are and remain on-board.

How these TDM measures will be implemented is commonly overlooked with TDM plans. Opus' knowledge on how to address items such as TDM ownership within the University, coordination with stakeholders, and funding is key to the future success of this TDM plan.