Asset and Network Management

Everyone benefits when transport assets are managed well

All levels of government across North America are challenged with maintaining ageing infrastructure, demanding substantial rehabilitation at a time of competing needs and budgetary constraints.

The dilemma requires an innovative and proactive approach to managing infrastructure assets. Opus works with municipalities, transport authorities and private enterprise to offer a broad range of asset management services for transport networks across Canada and in the United States.

We provide a wide range of engineering services that support all aspects of asset management and development for the transport sector. We work alongside our clients to plan, develop, maintain and operate transport infrastructure assets effectively and efficiently.

Opus’ approach is to work alongside asset owners, understand their needs, and assist them in achieving their business objectives, developing a plan that identifies:

  • What infrastructure assets clients have and what are they worth
  • What the condition of the asset is at all times
  • What clients need to do with each asset to meet the desired level of service
  • When to intervene and undertake maintenance work or renewal
  • What maintenance will cost now and into the future.

 Our experience in Canada and the United States 

Our asset and network management services for the transport sector include:

  • Asset inventory and condition data collection
  • Asset management integration
  • Asset management plans
  • Asset performance measures and assessment
  • Asset valuation
  • Best practice review
  • Condition assessment
  • Data collection and management
  • Financial forecasting
  • Improvement planning
  • Level of service assessment
  • Life-cycle analysis
  • Procurement methods
  • Quality management systems