We have led numerous multi-disciplinary teams to complete numerous Liquid Waste Management Plans and

We have long term working relationships with specialist sub-consultants in areas of groundwater protection, soils, geotechnical, landscape architecture, parks planning, ecology, fish & wildlife habitat, biosolids land application, agriculture issues and more

We have led the development of numerous comprehensive wastewater management plans to serve existing or projected development, including collection and conveyance, treatment, disposal/reuse or treated effluent, and resource recovery. We also have experience with wastewater facility master plans, including expansions needs, upgrades to meet increasingly stringent regulations, and asset management or replacement.

The following key issues are typically assessed in liquid waste management plans:

  • Community goals, public and stakeholder consultation
  • Regulatory requirements and liaison with regulatory agencies
  • Environmental inventory
  • Impacts of planned and existing development
  • Regional growth strategy and official community plans
  • Wastewater collection and treatment
  • Use of reclaimed resources
  • Source control of contaminants
  • Wastewater volume reduction and water conservation
  • Stormwater management and watershed protection
  • Management and treatment of solid residuals (composting, land application of biosolids)
  • Estimated costs for implementing selected solutions vs local resources