We develop site-specific reservoirs with a range of materials, treatments, shapes & conditions

We have experience with over 120 reservoirs and understand the considerations and requirements that need to be balanced to arrive at smart solutions that meet the needs of the community.

From condition and capacity assessments, to feasibility and preliminary design studies, Opus has experience in a wide variety of reservoir sizes and construction methods, including natural reservoirs ranging up to 181 ML in volume, from high seismic zones to the harsh, cold climates of the north.

Detailed design and construction

Many of our reservoirs have capitalized on the elevation differences in mountainous areas to reduce pumping needs. Often our reservoirs are buried, or partially buried, to take advantage of the insulating benefits of the soil.

We have designed buildings, including pump stations, on our reservoirs to accommodate tight sites. To improve stored water pressure for the distribution system we have designed standpipe and inverted pyramid reservoirs.

For small organizations with only one reservoir, we have used piping and multi-cellular designs, allowing them to take one cell offline while still operating the other.

We have used concrete as well as round steel reservoirs in our search to find the right solutions for our clients. We also have experience with glass fused to steel and epoxy coated steel and can help our clients determine which material will give them the greatest benefits for their situation. 

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