SCADA system engineering & programming has many water-based applications

Many of our SCADA projects have been around remotely monitoring town/city water supply and use, as well as gathering essential data for drainage and sewerage systems.

SCADA – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition – is a kind of industrial control system with a range of large scale applications. SCADA systems can incorporate multiple sites and large distances. SCADA control, network and communication systems are a specialty focus for Opus’ Canada operations. We have significant experience in this area and our SCADA-related expertise is valued by our clients along with our water and wastewater systems and skills.

We provide cost effective SCADA solutions to meet present and future needs, from traditional engineering services to complete, turn-key SCADA solutions that include all hardware and software fully installed, configured and commissioned.

Our experience in Canada and the United States

Our specialist water consultancy, Opus Dayton Knight has provided supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and security services for municipalities since 1992.

We come up with smart solutions to improve performance in both engineering and operations. Our collaborative approach helps our clients and vendors to meet their technical and business goals in leveraging SCADA to enhance utility performance, ease of operations and maintenance, and planning for future growth.

Over the years we have amassed significant experience and expertise with instrumentation, controls, automation, communications, security and SCADA systems in the area of water and wastewater applications.

We understand the details, features and benefits of SCADA systems and our clients benefit from our holistic approach to providing complete solutions, from concept planning to engineering, programming, commissioning, post construction technical support and training.

Examples of our SCADA services include:

  • Design and development of SCADA systems
  • Setting up and testing SCADA systems
  • Ensuring communication between SCADA and other systems
  • SCADA and control systems master planning
  • Preparing tenders and associated documentation 
  • Policy development and security planning
  • Wireless communication design
  • High speed wireless infrastructure and data network design
  • Process information management
  • Supply of all hardware and software
  • Interface design
  • Communications testing and troubleshooting
  • Training and support services