Water Asset Management

Asset management isn’t a computer system – it’s a different way of working

At Opus we have a proven and robust approach to water asset management: each asset is measured and managed independently along a path of construction, operation, measurement and appraisal.

Asset management is a plan to ensure maximum performance from vital water assets such as sewerage systems and water treatment plants. Our process includes infrastructure acquisition; a maintenance plan to provide security for each asset; a funding refurbishment plan to ensure sustainable management; and a plan for scheduling replacement actions and capital reinvestment.

Our asset management methodology offers meaningful financial data. This means better system operation, and informs a reliable capital works and replacement program that reduces unexpected failures and offers lower operating and capital costs. Effective asset management can save your organization up to 20% on operational costs.

Having a robust plan for managing water assets is also invaluable for meeting your compliance obligations. Our asset management team uses a range of the latest tools including SCADA, leading edge maintenance management systems and GIS.

Our experience in Canada and the United States

Our asset and network management services include:

  • Asset inventory and condition data collection
  • Asset management integration
  • Asset management plans
  • Asset performance measures and assessments
  • Asset valuations
  • Best practice reviews
  • Condition assessment
  • Data collection and management
  • Financial forecasting
  • Improvement planning
  • Level of service assessment
  • Life-cycle analysis
  • Procurement methods
  • Quality management systems